About Us
CEO / President's Message
Dear Friends,
Let me begin  with a very warm Welcome to our websites. RLB Group is a well known minority owned business. We have been in business for more than 18 years and with your support we will  keep going on for many more years to come.
As the Chairman of the RLB Group I pledge to you that your needs will be always the first priority of our business. If you ever need  to talk to us face to face or over the telephone, just pick up the phone and call me directly. I guaranty you that I will solve your Construction or Iron and Steel needs personally.
All our works are guaranteed by me personally and please feel free to stop by any time during the business hour and discuss your project with me. Together we will grow and be in the business for many more years.
Thank you in advance in anticipation.
Very Sincerely,
M.A. Hossain (Moe)
CEO / President's Message
CEO / President's Message

Welcome to RLB Iron Supplies Inc.
Why should you buy from RLB Iron..?
The answer is very simple. Three Reasons: Quality. Service. Value.
Experience, Craftsmanship & Superior Quality
We take pride in our work and it shows in everything we do. With over 18 years of combined iron fence experience, we are the industry leaders. Our superior craftsmanship extends beyond expectations, to include exclusive, authentic detailing such as cast finials welded on each picket. Plus, all products are produced within our own manufacturing facility, where quality is controlled from start to finish.
Service Is Our Mantra
One of the biggest reasons our clients recommend us to others is our one-on-one approach to service. We encourage you to contact us for expert consultation at any step of the process, from ordering to installation. We want you to understand exactly what you are buying and how to best install it. We offer the same high level of service whether you choose one of our existing designs or use our expertise to create an innovative custom order.
It All Adds Up To Value, Value, Value
People have asked us how we can offer such high quality at such good prices and the answer is simple: we design and build our own products and can pass that savings on to you. There is no middleman. Competitive pricing doesn’t mean we skimp on service. Our fully staffed office of experienced professionals strives to return your quote on the same business day.
Isn't it time to contact us and start forging your dream fence today?